Shenzhen City Shifu Karwi Electronics Development Ltd was founded in 1993, is the cash group's wholly-owned subsidiary, relying on cash group company's capital, technology and the products line, become a leading China electronic supply chain management services company, with a history of over twenty years experience in agency business of electronic components. We are Hongkong early AVX authorized agents, with the continuous development of the market, in addition to our main push AVX full range of products, but also agents operating in other brands of electronic components, such as KEMET, VISHAY, NXP, ATMEL, IR and other products etc.. We have a large warehouse in Singapore, Hongkong and Shenzhen, to provide a variety of professional electronic components in various global electronic manufacturing enterprises.
Our products are widely used in power supply, communication network, security monitoring, consumer digital, medical devices, industrial computers, embedded products, automotive electronics and other fields. We not only provide high-quality products for customers, provide more professional procurement advice for customers, electronic design technology and facilities and the overall program, to allow customers to enjoy our innovative business ideas and value-added services to meet the various needs.
The company's electronic cash advance agent in cash group company's product line, to maintain close contact and good relationship with manufacturers and customers, we can grasp the message quickly close to the market, so as to enhance our competitiveness. Plus we have been adhering to the "professional focus, customer first" excellent business philosophy, and always create wealth for customers, create value, and group companies together to create a better future!

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